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Since the release of Jupiter, I’ve wanted to make a record focused less on the metaphysical, spiritual and really ‘out-there’ stuff and explore what it means to be human and how that term is changing in this brave new world where artificial intelligence is being discussed in terms of ethics etc. I wanted to work with musical styles that resonate strongly with me, which inspire me and also speak of such human elements and interactions. The styles I’ve longed to work with are quite eclectic and range from Motown to Dub to Hip Hop to Jazz and back again! To produce an album like this, I needed to find a voice which would be authentic in those genres and that had a strong, unique and distinctly human soul! I needed a collaborator since after all, a huge part of being human is collaboration and the power of those working together on a singular goal which becomes so much more than the sum of it’s parts.

One day in 2014 I happened to be visiting Daniel Lanois’ website and found he had just released a new song, a duet with family friend, Laura Cole. I was immediately drawn to her remarkable voice, tone, personality and attitude and knew I’d finally found the voice and collaborator I was looking for. I contacted Laura to invite her to come to the UK from her native Canada where she is already a rising star, to make this record with me. To my absolute delight, she was as excited about the project as I was so we made plans. During the spring of 2015, Laura and her bass player partner Chris Chiarcos came and spent two and a half weeks with me, during which time we wrote and recorded seven new songs together and recorded Laura’s vocals on the remaining songs I had written previously. I do sing on the album too but the real vocal focus is on Laura of course!

The recording sessions were magical in themselves as I was able to construct a kind of ’super-group’ from some of my favourite, first choice musicians and friends with whom we recorded most of the material live in the studio together, giving the whole record a really great feel (essential to these styles!).

Among the remarkable team were bass legend Danny Thompson, drummers Liam Genockey and Sacha Trochet, percussionist

Hossam Ramzy, stunning string and horn sections, and others who have all contributed to this work of which I am very proud. I actually believe this album, ‘human’, due for release 16 June 2016 to be some of my best work to date. If you pre-order the album, you’ll get the digital version on 6 June 2016.

I’m delighted to announce that ‘human’, officially released on 16th June, 2016 is now available to pre-order from my web shop – harveysummersmusic.com. humanYou can find much of my music and that of artists I’ve produced available in multiple formats including CD, Vinyl and exclusive super-high resolution downloads as well as CD quality and mp3 downloads. Human is available to pre-order from the store too which means you’ll receive your copy ten days before it is officially released. The next single from the album, ‘Daddy’o’ will also be released soon.

Tickets for the album launch mini tour in the UK (London, Brighton and Hastings) can be found on the web shop. All information and updates for the album, the UK mini tour and Canada mini tour can be found on facebook and twitter.

If you buy tickets in advance, you will receive a 50% discount on all merchandise and the CDs at the gigs. Human also has it’s own facebook page, humanthealbum!

The wonderful Ellie Ford will be supporting on the mini UK tour. Her new album, ‘The Other Sun’ which I had the honour of producing is now available, it’s an absolutely gorgeous record. Be sure to check out her site too: elliefordmusic.com.

I also now have an instagram page you might enjoy! Plus many other exciting things are happening or in the pipeline so look out for more news over the coming weeks.

Peace, love and music,

Harvey. X


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