(Pop/Rock) 2016


The single, ‘Skeletons’ from Harvey’s forthcoming album ‘human’, featuring Canadian vocalist Laura Cole who co-wrote the song. Laura is a rising star in Canada, with her debut album ‘Dirty Cheat’ which was released in 2014 following a duet with legendary producer, Daniel Lanois on the song, ‘Papineau’. This is where Harvey first heard her and instantly realized she had the perfect voice and talent for ‘human’, an album he’s wanted to make for a long time but hadn’t found the right collaborator. Laura has been compared to the likes of Amy Winehouse and Etta James. This track features Laura on vocals, Harvey on vocals, guitar, hammond, banjo and percussion, Chris Chiarcos (who also co-wrote the track) on bass, Sacha Trochet on drums, Liam Genockey on bones and Grammy nominated James McMillan on trumpet.

  • Skeletons (Single Mix)
  • Harvey Summers featuring Laura Cole
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  • Skeletons/Skeletons preview.mp3
  • Skeletons/Skeletons preview.mp3